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Your wedding day is special, you have spent so much time and effort to make sure every detail will be just perfect. That’s why you want DFVP to video your wedding.

We will produce a video that lets you relive all those special moments, both the ones you remember and the ones you didn’t even see. Attention to detail is the underlying criteria of our productions and we want you to look on your video as a special part of your life. Those golden moments that are capture on your video are the ones you really want to remember.

What’s Important About Your Video?

1) Most important of all is that your Videographer discretely captures your special day in detail. At DFVP we want you and your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy having us present.

2) All the Special moments, a Tear, a Smile, a Gift, an Emotion, or something special is preserved for ever.

3) A video that tells a story about both of you, a story of romance, love, emotion, inspiration and endless memories.

4) A video you will be excited and proud to show to anyone.

5) Always remember that a photo may say 100 words but a video tells the whole story

6) Your wedding video deserves the respect of a professional production.

David’s approach to video is to keep your day as special as it actually is. His experience and expertise have taught him the finer details of videography that most cameramen seem to neglect.

Weddings with an International Flavour

David has become a specialist in the field of Indian weddings. These weddings involve many ceremonies within ceremonies and there are quite a few significant events that happen during the course of the ceremony that require not only knowledge of the event but expertise and experience in the manner in which they are filmed. POA


Pack 1

This is David’s basic package and covers the whole wedding day from 1 hour prior to the Ceremony through to the end of the Reception.

$1200.00 +GST

Pack 2

This package extends pack 1 to include a slow motion summary of the entire Wedding day. This summary may be emailed to anyone in the world so that they may see your entire Wedding day in a 4 minute clip.

$1500.00 +GST

Pack 3

This package includes the slow motion summary, a montage of growing up photos of the both of you up to your engagement and also a special Highlight tape, around 30 to 40 minutes in length that you show your friends when they call around to look at your wedding video

1800.00 +GST

Pack 4

This package caters for those who only want their ceremony or other sections recorded. This is an hourly rate package and covers the time I arrive till the time I leave.

$150.00 per Hour +GST

For further information please contact us at wedding@davidfuller.com.au

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