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Included in this category are:
TV Commercials, Promotional, Corporate, Realestate and Property. We also specialise in information and training videos as well as progress videos for major construction companies such as Leightons.

TV Commercials:

David has been producing, Scripting and Voicing commercials for over 15 years. His experience in this field ensures his clients receive exactly what they are seeking. Television is the greatest medium for selling your product and the most effective method of reaching a large audience in a short period of time. You will receive a copy of your completed commercial prior to facting so that any changes you require may if necessary be made.

Promotional Videos:

Whatever product you produce, the key to it’s success will be in its marketing. You have spent the time and effort in production, now is the time to promote it.
Promotional videos and DVDs have proven to be the most effective selling tool. David has promoted a wide range of products including: Wood working sanding attachments for drilling machines (as seen on the new inventors), Disabled wheelchairs for carers, Walking mechanical animals for childrens entertainment, water filtration systems for commercial water applications, organic honey production just to name a few.
Promotion of your product will show off the features and benefits of your product.

Corporate Videos:

All major companies use corporate videos to promote their business and why not, they have thousands of dollars tied up in investment. Here again the power of visual imagery is the power behind the product and David can assist in this respect. Some of the companies we have worked for include; Searle Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, Lend Lease, Stryker, GEC, Star City, Aanuka Beach Resort, Bachra Nominees. We also make Induction and Training DVDs.

Real Estate and Property:

Whilst this is not for everyone, there are powerful aids in the selling of a property through visual media. A client may not be able to physically see a property of interest however they may be interested in the power internet to see a property at its best. David is able to visually capture the essential elements of your property and present it in such a manner that your client will tavel across the planet just to see it. We have made videos for Multi -Million Dollar properties that have assisted in the sale of that property.

Progress Videos:

Progress videos are generally a requirement of some government contracts and as such require the construction company to prepare film on a regular basis, a video showing the progress of a particular project. David has been recently preparing progress videos for the Shannon Creek Storage Facility. His skills in interview techniques, public relations and experience with production ensures that the client is receiving the most up to date, informative and detailed report required by the contract.
David has the required certification and insurance requirements for this type of project.

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